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Keeping Your Cool In Heat of Summer

Posted on Jul 10, 2012 in Health and Wellness, Life Coaching

Summer is the time of the Fire Element in Chinese Medicine, so naturally we need to be aware of dangers of becoming overheated.  These presents a particular challenge to our Cardio-Vascular system as the Heart is a Fire organ and sensitive to excess heat.  Think prevention of  high blood pressure, heart attacks and heat stroke.  Summer can also be very challenging for women going through menopause.  Consider seeing an Acupuncturist to help balance the excess heat and suggest appropriate Chinese herbal remedies. A few common sense guidelines can help your body adjust first and foremost Stay Hydrated with plenty of water and moisture containing vegetables and fruits.  Bitter greens (kale, chard, spinach, wild greens, sprouts, basil, mint etc) in particular help to clear heat and detoxify the liver. Avoid exercising at noon or when the temperature is high, choose to exercise in the early morning and focus on a lighter routine when the temperatures are on ie gentle stretching, swimming, tai chi, restorative yoga, dao-in, walking instead of running. This is a great time for cleansing with fresh vegetable and fruit juices, salads, steamed vegetables etc. Here is a tasty, refreshing summer salad recipe, enjoy! California Summer Salad Serves Four ½ lb of Asparagus 1 bunch baby carrots 1 bunch baby beets 1 bulb of fennel thinly sliced (save some of the green tops to add to salad) ¼ lb sugar snap peas or snow peas 1 red and 1 yellow mini bell pepper Pea sprouts Fresh basil Assorted wild salad greens Small amount of paper thin sliced red onion or shallot Sunflower or pumpkin seeds raw or roasted for garnish Clean the asparagus, baby carrots, beets and fennel with scrub brush, lightly peel if needed leave a little of the top on for appearance. Steam each individually for 2-5 minutes until tender and still al dente. Cool in ice water and pat dry. Slice some of the carrots and beets in half for interest. Slice the peppers very thin, wash the basil and assorted greens. Make a Citrus Vinegarette such as: Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette 3-4 tsp of fresh lime or other citrus juices 1-2 tsp of champagne or apple cider vinegar 6 TBSP Extra virgin olive oil ½ tsp coriander ½ tsp cumin ½ tsp lavender flowers (dried) 1-2 cloves pressed garlic Salt to taste Fresh pepper to taste 1 tsp honey (Optional a little grated jalapeno pepper) Wisk all together. Drizzle over salad. Make a bed of the greens and arrange the other vegetables on top attractively. Sprinkle with seeds and serve. You can also serve homemade garbanzo or canelli beans marinated in an olive oil vinaigrette to added to the salad at the...

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Heart Health Tip of the Month

Posted on Feb 20, 2012 in Health and Wellness

  courtesy of: Goldlake Acupuncture in Scottsdale Where we provide you the Alternative Medicine that is best for you.

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