Constructive Life Guidance

Goldlake Life Coaching is based in the principles taught in The Path of Constructive Life by Taoist Masters Hua Ching Ni and Dr Mao Shing Ni. This system helps clients to bring more balance, energy and fulfillment into their life by balancing the Five Elements also known as the Five Healths.


5elementsyinyangThe process of self discovery begins with an assessment of five key areas of – or the Five Healths; Physical, Emotional, Relationship, Financial and Spiritual Health.

After completing the assessment the client and coach identify the client’s strengths and challenges to attaining the life they aspire to create.  The coach and client then set attainable goals and create a measurable, personal action plan.  When obstacles are encountered techniques, from the wisdom of Oriental Medicine and Energy exercises are used to remove the blockage and allow the free flow of creativity.

The role of the Life Coach is to provide support, encouragement, resources and accountability.  Coaching is for those looking to create more success, resiliency and fulfillment in their lives.  Coaching is not psychotherapy or counseling.  Coaching helps individuals actualize their human potential or in ancient nomenclature “destiny” or “golden path” in life.

At Goldlake Life Coaching we offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly coaching session in person, by phone or online.  Call for more information or a free introductory session.