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Keeping Your Cool In Heat of Summer

Posted on Jul 10, 2012 in Health and Wellness, Life Coaching

Summer is the time of the Fire Element in Chinese Medicine, so naturally we need to be aware of dangers of becoming overheated.  These presents a particular challenge to our Cardio-Vascular system as the Heart is a Fire organ and sensitive to excess heat.  Think prevention of  high blood pressure, heart attacks and heat stroke.  Summer can also be very challenging for women going through menopause.  Consider seeing an Acupuncturist to help balance the excess heat and suggest appropriate Chinese herbal remedies. A few common sense guidelines can help your body adjust first and foremost Stay Hydrated with plenty of water and moisture containing vegetables and fruits.  Bitter greens (kale, chard, spinach, wild greens, sprouts, basil, mint etc) in particular help to clear heat and detoxify the liver. Avoid exercising at noon or when the temperature is high, choose to exercise in the early morning and focus on a lighter routine when the temperatures are on ie gentle stretching, swimming, tai chi, restorative yoga, dao-in, walking instead of running. This is a great time for cleansing with fresh vegetable and fruit juices, salads, steamed vegetables etc. Here is a tasty, refreshing summer salad recipe, enjoy! California Summer Salad Serves Four ½ lb of Asparagus 1 bunch baby carrots 1 bunch baby beets 1 bulb of fennel thinly sliced (save some of the green tops to add to salad) ¼ lb sugar snap peas or snow peas 1 red and 1 yellow mini bell pepper Pea sprouts Fresh basil Assorted wild salad greens Small amount of paper thin sliced red onion or shallot Sunflower or pumpkin seeds raw or roasted for garnish Clean the asparagus, baby carrots, beets and fennel with scrub brush, lightly peel if needed leave a little of the top on for appearance. Steam each individually for 2-5 minutes until tender and still al dente. Cool in ice water and pat dry. Slice some of the carrots and beets in half for interest. Slice the peppers very thin, wash the basil and assorted greens. Make a Citrus Vinegarette such as: Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette 3-4 tsp of fresh lime or other citrus juices 1-2 tsp of champagne or apple cider vinegar 6 TBSP Extra virgin olive oil ½ tsp coriander ½ tsp cumin ½ tsp lavender flowers (dried) 1-2 cloves pressed garlic Salt to taste Fresh pepper to taste 1 tsp honey (Optional a little grated jalapeno pepper) Wisk all together. Drizzle over salad. Make a bed of the greens and arrange the other vegetables on top attractively. Sprinkle with seeds and serve. You can also serve homemade garbanzo or canelli beans marinated in an olive oil vinaigrette to added to the salad at the...

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2012 Water Dragon Year Health Forecast

Posted on Jan 15, 2012 in Health and Wellness, Life Coaching

Since January 23 is the beginning of the Water Dragon Year it is a good time to pay particular attention to your kidneys, adrenals and bones.  Water element influences our Kidney Jing energy which generates the bones and bone marrow, brain, adrenals, kidney and bladder function and therefore it is important to strengthen it during the coming year.  Problems like low back pain, knee pain, osteoporosis, memory loss, and decreased vitality may present in a Water year. How do you strengthen Kidney Jing you may ask? Seek the support of a qualified Acupuncturist or Chinese Herbalist to help you support and build up your Kidney Jing Energy as this system has uniquely powerful techniques to strengthen our life force.  Learn Chi Gong or Tai Chi this year which will enhance you vitality, longevity and has been shown to strengthen bones and improve balance and coordination. Get back to your roots, what is important to you at this time in your life.  Cultivate your true dreams and values and let go of unneccessary emotional baggage that may be preventing you from achieving your true purpose.  Water is all about cleansing, transformation and movement.  It’s a great time to do a regular physical and emotional cleansing and it will all the more effective.  Think of the all the great waterways from the Mississippi to the Yangzte rivers and how powerfully their current can transport things from one place to another.  Connect to this energy and you may experience powerful transformation in your life this year....

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“Thinking is More Powerful than Thunder”

Posted on May 30, 2011 in Life Coaching

The views of Chinese Medicine and Buddhist Psychology agree that Mind is the ultimate medicine. Over time you become what you think. “Energy follows thought.” The mind is the most powerful tool we have. How are you using it? Is it a positive and constructive tool for achieving your goals and life purpose or is it negative and destructive? The power is within you to create a good and enriching life to benefit yourself, your family, your community and the world. What steps can you take to train your mind to help you attain a balanced and harmonious life? 1) Learn and practice Meditation or Quiet Sitting. 2) Spend time walking or hiking in the natural world and observing phenomena 3) Learn and practice Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Eight Treasures, Dao-In or a Yoga form. 4) Release negative thoughts. Write them down and tear the paper up, burn or bury it with the affirmation, “I now release this _____________thought, emotion etc for the benefit of myself and others.” 5) Cultivate positive thoughts. Write down your positive thought or intention and repeat daily (especially when facing obstacles) for 30 days....

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What is Constructive Life Coaching?

Posted on May 26, 2011 in Life Coaching

There are many systems of life coaching out there. What sets Constructive Life Coaching apart is it’s holistic view of the individual and their life journey. By evaluating the health of the Five key life areas: Financial, Relationships, Spiritual, Physical and Emotional we can see where an individual’s strengths and blockages exist. Blockages are those things that prevent us from moving forward to accomplish our life purpose or destiny. There are techniques to release those based on the principles of oriental medicine and acupuncture theory. By holding certain powerful acu-points and stating one’s intention to let go of an dis-empowering belief or negative thought or emotion we can free our energy “Qi” and move forward on our true life path. Specific Qi Gong, energy exercises and chinese herbs may also be...

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When Bad News is Good

Posted on Mar 27, 2011 in Life Coaching

When Bad News is Good News By Alaina Speraw, L.Ac.,Dipl.Ac.,B.A. When we listen to the news it seems to be overwhelmingly bad, “Japan is in the worst economic recession in 35 years,” the jobless rate continues to rise, business closures and consolidations, 68% of housing sales in the valley were foreclosures in January, we may be even having our own  personal financial meltdown. Being a Practioner of Traditional Oriental Medicine we have one foot planted in the wisdom of the East and the other in the post-modern technological society of the West.  How do wereconcile these very different societies their world views and assumptions? In the current economic climate of fear and uncertainty might there be other lenses from which to see it beyond those of CBS, NBC, FOX, Wall Street Weekly, the statements of politicians, statisticians, diplomats, and economists?  I think we are fortunate to be connected to a medicine whose roots are in Taoist and Buddhist concepts, both of which have many insightful teachings that can be a medicinal elixir and healing balm in difficult times.  This healing balm can help us endure adversity and offer a way to help our clients, co-workers, colleagues and community. First, we may need to question some of the fundamental assumptions of a capitalistic society such as “Growth is  always Good”  “The economy should be expanding” “The bottom line is what is all important”.  If we fall prey to believing these dogmas than we are left with the conclusion that the recession or possible depression is a bad thing.  But what could be good about people suffering the loss of homes, jobs, the value of their portfolio, their retirement funds etc? Chapter 42 of the Tao Te Ching “All things bear the shade on their backs, And the sun in their arms, By the blending of breath, From the sun and the shade, Equilibrium comes to the world.”   In other words, shade and sun, yin and yang, growth and decline, birth and death are necessary to bring balance and harmony to the world.  The lense of Taoism suggests that larger patterns and cycles are naturally in constant flux.  In western science we call this anabolism and catabolism or in physics acceleration and deceleration. The first noble truth taught by Lord Buddha was the truth of suffering, the second noble truth was that everything is impermanent.  We cannot escape from suffering and we suffer because of our attachment to people and things that are by their very nature impermanent.  Therefore the solution to mental suffering is to relinquish our stranglehold on phenomena which are impermanent.  To cultivate peace and stability through non-attachment to specific outcomes. So the collective we, ourselves, our families, friends, beloved clients may all have to “let go” of many of our well worn attachments, outmoded ways of thinking, dysfunctional behaviors, disconnects between our mind and body personally and collectively. Consider all the money and resources spent on war, hi-tech expensive cardiac surgeries and chemotherapies, cigarettes and alcohol, designer coffee and Jimmy Choo’s, SUV’s, luxury homes, insurance that doesn’t cover its’ policy holders, governmental waste……etc.  Think about all the “trash” which goes unrecycled each day in every city in the United States and the thousands of toxic chemicals and waste including, yes, our own disposable acupuncture needles. So is there a silver lining to our current economic crisis?  Could it be a “divine intervention” to wake up humanity to the interconnectedness of all life and the consequences of mindless and self centered actions?  Is this time a collective opportunity to re-evaluate our priorities and make the necessary adjustments to...

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