Acupuncture Testimonial – Hot Flashes & Chemotherapy Nausea

Acupuncture helps reduce Chemotherapy Side Effects


I can’t say enough about how much Alaina has helped me! I began Acupuncture on the day I had my first chemo treatment and I believe that, because I was receiving Acupuncture, my side effects were minimal. The only week when I was unable to make my Acupuncture appointment after chemo, I had more fatigue, nausea, and felt some depression.


Not only did Alaina help me physically; she has helped me mentally during this difficult time by listening with care, relaxation-visualization techniques and positive words of encouragement. She also helped me with my left arm which had scar tissue from surgery, lymphedema, tightness in my back and chest and hot flashes. It has been over a year since my last chemotherapy and I have continued regular Acupuncture to stay healthy and prevent recurrence.

– Tia O.