Acupuncture Testimonial – Allergies, Spasms, Pain, & Insomnia

Neck Spasm and Back Pain


I did not experience acupuncture until I was an adult. I was living in Spokane and was in so much pain from frequent neck spasms that a friend of mine who is a physical therapist recommended trying Acupuncture. (I have always had a chiropractor, but needed to try something more as my spasms were horrible.) When I moved back to Scottsdale, I knew I would need an Acupuncturist. Since most people are skeptical, I could not get a referral through friends so I found Alaina Speraw through her website. After a few treatments and feeling like I had a new neck I stopped treatment for a couple of months. I got a little stiff and was not sleeping well so I finally decided on a monthly maintenance plan. I have not experienced any spasms since becoming a “regular” with Alaina.


I know Acupuncture is the key to my mobility because I tried everything else and acupuncture works best! My overall health is better than it has ever been. I haven’t suffered with a cold or allergies in years and YAY, I can finally sleep [no more insomnia]. I wish I had discovered Acupuncture at a younger age. Thank you Alaina!

– Debbie D.