What is Constructive Life Coaching?

Posted on May 26, 2011 in Life Coaching | Comments Off on What is Constructive Life Coaching?

There are many systems of life coaching out there. What sets Constructive Life Coaching apart is it’s holistic view of the individual and their life journey. By evaluating the health of the Five key¬†life areas: Financial, Relationships, Spiritual, Physical and Emotional we can see where an individual’s strengths and blockages exist. Blockages are those things that prevent us from moving forward to accomplish our life purpose or destiny. There are techniques to release those based on the principles of oriental medicine and acupuncture theory. By holding certain powerful acu-points and stating one’s intention to let go of an dis-empowering belief or negative thought or emotion we can free our energy “Qi” and move forward on our true life path. Specific Qi Gong, energy exercises and chinese herbs may also be helpful.